Our philosophy

Phoenix Independent Midwives are passionate about encouraging natural physiological birth, doing our utmost to help you achieve the Birth Experience you desire. We aim to provide the knowledge base, comfort & security you need to allow you to achieve the best possible outcome for the birth & the first few weeks of your baby’s life.

Birth pool
We believe in a woman’s ability to give birth naturally. Women are designed to be pregnant and give birth. Our bodies instinctively know what to do. Women need to be able to relax and feel safe, with the minimum of interference. With encouragement and support you can create the optimum environment in which to give birth and make it a positive and memorable experience for everyone in your family.

Every woman should actively make informed choices about their pregnancy and birth and we will help supply you with the knowledge and tools to decide how & where you want to give birth.

Our belief is that every woman deserves individualised, one to one, personal care during their pregnancy & birth, as knowing your midwife has been shown to increase your chances of having a natural birth and reduce your probability of unnecessary interventions.

Together we can help you achieve the knowledge & confidence to have a positive & rewarding pregnancy and birth experience.